Phuket C-47s Reef Squadron allegedly disappeared.
The aircraft that I inspect on this photo are all ex-USAF Vietnam C-47’s that were flown in 1974/75 to Thailand as a donation to the Royal Thai Air Force. In 1975 , the second Indo Chinese war, better known as the Vietnam conflict, came to an end. That resulted in a large stream of war weary aircraft, that came over to Thailand. The Thai Air Force eagerly adopted the aircraft, even with their history of having served in 3 main US military conflicts since 1944. Until the mid 1990’s those aircraft remained operational in the RTAF and where finally out phased and stored on Lopbhuri AFB, some 100 miles north of Bangkok.

I came to Phuket to buy components of the aircraft before their sinking would take place as part of an operation to create a Divers Paradise c.q Artificial Reef. Everything planned in this bold plan became a complete failure. The story is unbelievable, but true, you can hardly guess what happened next with the Old Aluminium Soldiers. See the photos and read my first hand report of what happened out there. You’ll be flabbergasted the outcome.



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