Double Frame C-47 skin poster 
Commemorative placard , celebrating the 80 years Maiden Flight of the DC-3 . For ordering this authentic War Bird  Placard + Photo , see info at end of this post.
Top 12 Most Amazing WWII Posters & Ads. from the Dakota Hunter.
Kriegsmarine mag cover enl.
Photo 1
German Kriegsmarine Magazine. Propaganda announcing the U-boat attacks on the NY harbor, suggesting that they could create a blockade of US sea ports.
They came close to the Eastern shores, but the announcement was too optimistic. With the rapid advance of aircraft carrying Radar and more efficient patrol &  hunting methods, the U -boat’s heydays were over by mid 1943.
Photo 2
This beautiful picture of a C-47A Skytrain seems ‘staged’  and may have been part of an ad for Douglas, Pratt & Whitney or Hamilton Standard. Nevertheless, a classic full color shot of the wartime production. Notice the matte black propellers with yellow tips, done  to prevent reflection and detection.
Amazing Stories Mag. Nov 1938
Photo 3
This photo was published just before WWII in 1938 and predicted the progress of aircraft 50 years later. Read this with care, it is most amazing stuff. Gasoline of Hydrogen engines?. Look at no. V in the scheme, that is the Gravity Nulllifier Rotor. The what..? If you have a clue, let me know, please, would like to have that item in my collection.
British Mini sub
Photo 4
We knew about Jap and Italian mini subs, but also the Royal Navy built them under the strange name MSC or Motorized Submersible Canoe. The drawing does not tell where the explosives were kept. The 10 hours dive in muddy, cold and hostile  waters must have been a chilling experience for the pilot in every aspect!
  Western Electric Ad enlarged
Photo 5
Fabulous illustration of a war engagement ad from Western Electric . The Company was evidently involved in the war supply production and their ad campaigns depicted drama with patriotic themes in the sphere as the War Bond posters (see posters below).
Bristol Beaufighter
Photo 6
One of the less known WW II Allied fighters, The Bristol Beaufighter.  It served to full satisfaction in many theaters of war, flown by RAF and RAAF.  A rugged stubby nosed aircraft that acted in a variety of roles, as diver bomber, interceptor, tank buster, U Boat patrol, etc. and could carry a large Torpedo or under wing rockets to deliver a ferocious bite. Nicknamed by the Japanese as the ´Whispering Death`.
Jeep flying low
Photo 7
The legendary Jeep, built by Bantam, Willys and Ford by the hundreds of thousands.
The versatility as soldier transport, howitzer tractor, Machine gun platform, etc. made it one of the most built military transports in wartime and beyond!  This drawing shows a `cutaway view` of the Jeep , the missing front wheel is for the purpose of tech insight. Otherwise, after such Monster truck style jump, the soldiers in the Jeep would experience a harsh landing with a sudden stop, lol.
ww2_cadillac_magazine_ad_1944-610x438 (1)
 Photo 8
Cadillac Ad. Another impressive patriotic poster with an atmosphere expressing the mighty military and industrial power of the USA. Cadillac was supplier for many parts of the war machine including engines for tanks, aircraft and trucks.
WW11 Ad 1
 Photo 9
The public information system, that delivered the news of the war including the Movies. Those were part of the allied “propaganda”, but that term was mainly used in a negative way for misleading enemy information.
Ready for anything poster
Photo 10
Ready for anything. An invasion landing that could have taken place in Europe or in the Pacific.
With a lack of colored photographic material, the artists who made those illustrations normally for film posters surely had a busy time now with those war support posters.
WWII ad Tank
 Photo 11
Another magnificent poster, expressing and justifying the industrial switch from civilian products to weapons, aircraft and transports. The eventual short supply of consumer goods had to be explained to the public.
 Photo 12
Pontiac also took its fair share of war materials production. Those particular ads showed their dual status as car builder (as from $ 783) and AA guns constructor: Building fast and building well.. for Liberty!
Air Classics Aug 2015 Maf cut Review DH Air Classics July 2015
Photo 13-14.
Air Classics Magazine issue Aug.2015 . If you like the WWII posters and ads, there is a new book on the market that reflects the same atmosphere of the “Icons of Victory”.
This Aug 2015 issue of Air Classics Magazine comes out with their  “Book of the Month”. They selected  my book “The Dakota Hunter” with a 5-star rating, classified  as “a Must for every Aviation Library”.
You can read Air Classics’ most positive review here on top in the blue colored frame: “It is almost like an adventure novel, except that it is true and makes for a very exciting story….”
Just in case you still might have some doubts, you can take a sneak preview into my book of 320 pages and 250 never before published photos.
For that, click on the button HOME that you see on top of this page  in the black upper bar and scroll down into the photo of the crashed Yukon C-47.
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Photo 15. Below
You can soon own your own part of a War Bird Relic with this Commemorative Riveted Aluminium Placard combined with a large Photo.
In the lower part of this frame is an authentic skin panel, taken from that same C-47 as is depicted in the top photo with Jeep.
The skin panel is decorated with a fine logo, “Celebrating the 80 years Maiden flight of the Douglas DC-3”. The photo  in the same dimensions (11 x 16 inches/ 28 x 40 cm) depicts that same C-47 from which the skin plate has been taken (built Oklahoma, 1944), along with a Willys Jeep.
The frame is at your own choice and purchase as you know what fits best  in your interior. Dimensions of frame depending your choice, advised at appr. 24×36 inches/ 60×90 cm, which makes for an affordable and  impressive interior show object of a war built legend, the C-47  Skytrain/ Dakota/ Gooney Bird.
This is a Limited Pre-Series, now issued with a numbered certificate, dedicated/ written on your name and both the Photo and the Placard are signed by myself as being owner/ supplier of the C-47 depicted.
In case of interest for this very special and limited offer to own your original and stylish piece of Aviation History, you should contact me at
[email protected] or via www.facebook.com/thedakotahunter
Double Frame C-47 skin poster

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