Today arrived a review of my book on Amazon. Written by Mr. H. Bogstad from Belgium who I never met. Please read this and if you might plan to order the book at Amazon USA/ UK, Barnes&Noble, or Bol.com, send my your review in due time.

Thanks and I am pretty sure you will enjoy the reading as much as Mr. Bogstad did as he wrote:
The Dakota Hunter: This is a most attractive book, - nicely printed and bound and with gold-embossed lettering along the spine. More importantly, it is an exciting book. The author shares his adventurous life - and his love for the DC-3 - with us in a charming, informative and humoristic manner. A free and easy childhood on the threshold of the Borneo jungle was followed by university education in his native Netherlands and a career in the corporate world (which included several spectacular aviation related events). Eventually, he set up his own business and started tracking down, buying and converting the wingtips of defunct DC-3 aircraft into designer desks! His quest took him all over the planet and he writes hilariously about his failures and successes in developed and developing countries, trying to do business with people of all shades of honesty. The book is illustrated with a wealth of interesting color photos. A must for anyone interested in historic aircraft, especially for fans of the 80-year old DC-3 in all its shapes and varieties.
For more information of the book’s content and photos, please view www.dc3dakotahunter.com where you can order directly.
Copyrights of photos reserved by Onno Wieringa, Hans Wiesman/ The Dakota Hunter.


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