Welcome to the Dakota Hunter Online Shop!

We at J & C are a reputed printing/ badge company based in the The Hague, The Netherlands. We handle all Dakota Hunter apparel orders with the same passion for vintage aviation and military history that we share with Hans. We have the Dutch Special Forces (Korps Commandotroepen) and Police Forces as our best clients, for the delivery of printed shirts, badges but also special Gear & Clothing exclusively made for the Armed Forces.
From Hans’ passion and life time engagement with the Dakota, he has developed a very special bond and feel with that aircraft and all its surrounding elements. You can find that back in his book and in this website. He was long time working as a Creative Director and was supplier of the Brand Theme for a most successful casual clothing brand. Now he designed a small number of outstanding T-shirt (and Pennant) prints for his own “brand”, as displayed in the shop. It is a small collection from his own hands to start with, but will be soon extended to more prints and more apparel.
We have worked with Hans for over 25 years and have become close friends. Be assured that we will give with our production expertise all orders the best attention both in print work and in handling/ packaging. We try to handle the incoming orders as quickly as possible but you should allow us some 4-6 days for the production/ packaging after receipt of your order.
The DHL Company will be responsible for all deliveries worldwide. Delivery time can vary between 8 -20 days, counted from the day of pick up at J&C. Parcels to max 500 grams can contain max. 2 shirts or 1 T-shirt plus 1 Pennant, for no extra charge in Mailing costs.
Shipments may incur customs fees, depending on destination country. The fee may vary depending on your order value, country limits, and other factors. You are responsible for these fees, if applicable.

If you have questions, remarks, a review to post or just want to contact us, you can send an email to [email protected]

With kind regards,
Cees Hoogeveen,
CEO J&C Productions.

Retail/ Bulk Orders:

We have special discounts available for retail clients and bulk orders over 25 items.
If you run a Museum Shop, Souvenir/ Book shop or a decent sales stand on an Airshow, Mass event, Races, Fair or if you order for a club, society, event,,
please contact us at shop@ dc3dakotahunter,com and let us know what you are interested in. For customizing of our prints on Pennants and T-shirts,
we can add on T-shirts your company name/logo, museum or society name/ logo on the back against the neck collar or on the short sleeve (additional charge).
Also, our pennants can be ‘branded’ with your Museum/ Club name/ logo on the left column ( wider side) of the banner, we need to see your artwork for that.