80 Years, a tribute to the PBY CATALINA

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The Saga of the best Flying Boat ever made.
Savor the romance of flying to the most exotic islands with water landings in lagoons, on rivers, and lakes, as in the best days of the Flying Boats.

The iconic Catalina evokes strong WWII nostalgia but also had a 50-year career after the War in sea transport, with the Coast Guard’s sea rescue operations, and in a firefighting role.
With over 400 stunning images of the Wartime Military and Post-war civil operations from 1937-2017, this is the only photo album covering the full career of this outstanding aircraft.
A handful of survivors still exist, some even as operational aircraft. They are also described in this Landscape format Coffee table book with so many photos never published before.

Aircraft history and beauty -Dr. Inge Kendall Maranto
June 10, 2018

Gorgeous photos to match the amazing stories about PBYs! Weismann has done a masterful job of documenting the PBY’s history in all the oceans of the world, masterfully done with true stories, narrated by the original participants. Congratulations to the author for this documentary!

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The perfect Christmas Gift for your (Grand-) Dad, family or friend, those with a passion for vintage aviation but also the ones who love romanticizing the Golden Years of the Flying Boats
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With exceptional footage of the Catalina Transatlantic Odysseys, flying over the Caribbean and the Americas, Greenland, and Africa (never published before) mixed with stunning wartime footage.


Incredibly beautiful photos and story-rich tribute to The Catalina aircraft. 5 Star Review
Posted by Larry Frankenbach on 6th Jun 2018

The author has done a job of tracing the history of the PBY literally around the globe. Using incredible and rare photography joined with well-researched narrative, Hans Weisman captures the multi-role capability of this aircraft from a war fighter on patrol, bombing, rescue and transport missions to a luxury touring and adventure platform. If you love aviation, this is a must-have part of your collection!

A Must for PBY Catalina Lovers 5 Star Review
Posted by Cesar Canomanuel on 29th May 2018

The author has collected a huge amount of unpublished photographs, interesting stories and well documented information about this fascinating aircraft. Nearly 300 pages that will catch your interest if you are really a fan of historic planes. Fully recommended book.

Interesting coverage of a vintage airplane 4 Star Review
Posted by Richard Stoker on 14th May 2018

I haven’t had the chance to read this book completely yet, but what I have skimmed through seems to be great. I was a little disappointed not to find coverage of the Newfoundland Government’s fleet of Canso water bombers (now retired).

A unique book about the PBY Catalina 5 Star Review
Posted by EDOARDO BERETTA on 13th May 2018

80 years , a tribute to the PBY Catalina is “THE” BOOK about this legendary aircraft. The author did an incredible research and put together an impressive collection of pictures (those 1944 / 45 COLOR photos are unique). I have been a big fan of Seaplanes for long time , have several publications about them and this is the best book I purchased so far. It is EXCELLENT .
Please extend my huge complements to Hans Wiesman,the author, and also thank him for the extra color photo included in the book .

Edwardo Beretta — Canada

Excellent historical photo book 5 Star Review
Posted by Les Oystryk on 12th May 2018

I am absolutely amazed at the quality of the photographs and the extent of the textual stories that Hans Weiseman has assembled in this book. It has obviously been a book that he has put his personal passions into and has gathered so many previously un-known and un-seen photos and stories of the Catalina/PBY/Canso. This book will be the go-to reference for archival photos that have been gathered from around the world and illustrate the history and use of these aircraft during the Second World War as well during the post-war era and into their current state of use. Beautifully published.

Catalina 4 Star Review
Posted by Steve on 10th May 2018

No issues with the book it’s great! The book appeared to be packed well with bubble wrap but the hardcover was quite damaged on two of the corners. In my opinion the book was packaged after the damage was done.

Excellent book 5 Star Review
Posted by Cees Timmer on 5th May 2018

Apart from other interesting books about the PBY Catalina this one gives a detailed survey of the development of this very interesting airplane in photo’s over a long period.Flying in this plane will give me even more pleasure now having te information from this book.Many thanks to the author Hans Wiesman.

Great compilation 5 Star Review
Posted by Norm O’Donovan on 28th Apr 2018

Was very excited to finally receive my copy and finally get to see how much work was put into it’s compilation. A fabulous collection from around the world and over the years.

Catalina’ Read Quality 5 Star Review
Posted by Clark McDowall on 27th Apr 2018

Firstly thank you for the delivery of this product to southern New Zealand-albeit after a longer wait than I would have liked.I find the ‘Catalina’ book visually pleasing in it’s layout and very informative in it’s text, making for a very good historical document.

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